So we found beach a beach to get some sand from and we filled this wonderful sandbox.
Let the games begin!



Players with dough

Playdough how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

There are certain activities that you always come back to and playdough is one of them.

First of all there’s something very earth mothery about kneading your own playdough. Back in the days of ‘When Adam delved and Eve span’ you added your value with your labour and your labour increased your worth. Yup, I’m aware its only playdough and that being worth your weight in playdough is not as good as being worth your weight in gold.
Secondly the science tells us play dough is calming. When my boys are just a bit too shouty and I haven’t got anything planned or I need to get on with something – that’s the perfect moment to throw some luridly coloured play dough at them and let them have at it. It will buy me at least 15 minutes for the 1 year old, half an hour for the 3 year old.

Because I’m not organised enough to have cream of tartar I tend to make mine with the basics. I go to this site.

It has worked well for me for a good two years and it’s just getting better.