Ebola virus in Lagos

It’s a worrying time to be in Lagos.  A Liberian man arrived at Lagos international airport sick and collapsed and was suspected to have the Ebola virus.  Unfortunately he died soon after being taken to hospital and Nigeria officials have confirmed that it was ebola.

Ebola is a nasty virus.  I don’t know of any worse.  It is extremely worrying knowing that here in this densely populated city and just a few miles from our house (where this man died),  the ebola virus was there and may have been transferred.  I’ve spent a few hours terrifying myself with Google images.

Of course no evidence yet that the authorities did not properly contain it.  We may be pessimistic because of the healthcare and infrastructure shortcomings but Nigerian airport staff were  already trained  to watch out for the virus and supposedly all the people in contact with this man from the plane and through to the hospital are being monitored.  Ebola is a slow moving disease so there is no reason to panic yet.

People are very concerned – as they should be – and stepping up their sanitation practices. Some are already avoiding public gatherings – which I think is premature but I’m not a medical expert.  I’ve put hand gel by the front door and I ask everyone to wash their hands.  We’re still going to playgroup and camp and playdates and the store. I was never into street food anyway.

I wish I could run straight to the safe certainties of the UK or USA but that’s just me hyperventilating.  If you rushed off every time there was a travel alert there would be few places in the world where you could live.

So, life goes on while we wait to see to what happens and pray for good news.



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