Selfish Reasons to have more Kids and other books about genetics



So… I’m obsessed about genetics.  I don’t know how this happened. I just watch my kids growing and become fascinated about who they are becoming and how I’m affecting that.  Selfish Reasons to have kids argues that I’m really not affecting their destiny as much as I thought.  That took the wind out of my sails a little. I mean homeschool is hard, you like to think you’re having an impact.  Since reading this book I’ve had to rethink my intentions a bit and make sure I’m still working on and improving my own life alongside homeschooling because if I can’t stop making it about them becoming x, y or z. this ship has sunk before its even left port. Oh and great book – although I STILL DON’T BELIEVE YOU!


Another book on genetics I’m still reading is The Son Also Rises – Surnames and the History of Social Mobility


What I find very interesting about this book is again the impact genes have on social mobility.  As my husband keeps assuring me – it’s all much of a muchness – but  I believe he thinks this way because he’s a Warrior not a Worrier.  This is another genetics book that blew me away – all about gender behaviour.  Mothers are just programmed to worry more about stuff that doesn’t matter.


If you know of anymore fascinating books about behavioural genetics, holler at your girl!



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