500,000 reasons to homeschool in Lagos

Parents all over the world complain about the cost of travelling during school holidays where airlines routinely hike up the prices – it’s a huge issue in the UK where parents can be prosecuted for taking their kids out of school during term time – but Nigerian parents have it worse. Especially when you consider the already high cost of schooling here.  We get hit twice!

At time of posting the cost of a British Airways economy ticket from Lagos Nigeria to London UK is about 500,000 naira (£2000) – if you can actually get a ticket.  It’s usually around £600 give or take.  So for me, my older son (just a couple of hundred for the baby as he’s not yet two) and my husband £6000 to get  to the UK via economy. If we then want to move on the US to visit my husband’s family – add an extra couple of thousand pounds.

Lagos-UK is probably one of the priciest routes because of Nigeria’s strong links with the UK.  Lagos-US is even pricier. My parents are in the UK and my husband’s mother is in the USA so we try to visit both at least once a year and stay a while. I also want my children to experience the freedom of walking, public transport, parks and museums – things that are unavailable where we live in Lagos. For the price of these summer tickets, we can travel twice during term time and still have money left over.

It’s not the only reason to homeschool of course but and not an issue right up there the Israel-Palestinian conflict – I certainly never flew until I was able to pay for my own ticket aged 18 – but its just another reason to step back from the financial pressure of the school fees and the air fares and the inconvenience to family life and look at what works for your family.

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