Rainy camp

It’s called summer camp but  Nigeria doesn’t have a ‘summer’. It has rainy season, Harmattan and wedding season.  ‘Summer’ is a bit of misnomer.  It’s currently rainy season where it pretty much rains everyday and floods a lot.

For example here is our road this morning…



Anyway Ru-bear and Kio-Bear have been at ‘summer’ camp this week.

When I saw the shiny flyer I jumped at the chance to offload my kids for some of the day and have me time and organise myself.   Camp has been good making me very focused.  I wake up at 6 (usually its 7.30) and do an hour or two of numeracy/literacy/violin practice with the three year old while the 18 month old does colouring or play dough.  It’s also given me my day back – not that I’ve done too much useful with that. Blackberry Messenger really needs to join my post of things I really ain’t got time for!  As a homeschooling mum I try hard to stay connected to the community so I’ve join a couple of committees and groups and they pretty much BBM/Whatsapp you all day every day.

Both kids  love camp and at first I thought this was a sign that they should be in school but but now I don’t think it means anything. They enjoy camp and they would enjoy school and they enjoy being home with me and basically they are happy kids who find it hard not to enjoy anything that is fun.

I also have realised that when you’re kids are away all day you sort of want to know what they’ve been doing but teachers are not that forthcoming.

Mums complain a lot to me about the lack of feedback teachers give.  I think they want specific minute by minute analysis – like in a football game.   ‘Uh, it’s only 10 minutes in and Phineus has already picked up the dry erase markers.  He’s running with the markers to the white board and look he gets there before anyone else and starts writing out A, B, C,D – oh no he’s lost interest! He’s seen a dead bug on the floor and has decided to step on it. Can his concentration be brought back to the task at hand? Does he need extra tutoring?  Rob – over to you in the staffroom’.   I mean it’s ridiculous  – we all know it’s ridiculous.  You’ve sent your child for someone else to babysit/educate but now you to spend an hour talking about what happened?

Anyway so they’re doing camp and camp is pretty cool. Here’s a really intricate structure Ru bear made yesterday! I think a lot of marshmallows were harmed in making this!


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