Homeschooling amid the hurly burly

It’s really hard to homeschool and have a life unless you’re a scheduling genius.

Homeschool is definitely making me aware of how important organisation is.  I’m used to flying by the seat of my pants, always saying yes to everyone and impulsively moving to the beat of my heart.  Yeah – that doesn’t work so well when you’re homeschooling.

Been back in Lagos two weeks now and in this time I’ve had 6 weekday meetings, two weekend meetings, two playdates, a wedding, a children’s birthday party, a fathers day brunch, and had to unpack 6 suitcases, plus try to do the scheduling that needs to be done for the homeschooling. It is getting better but yikes, its been hard and my kids haven’t done too much except a few puzzles and playdough. They haven’t even been with me all that much. I draw the line at TV – if they have to watch TV in homeschooling time they should really be in school but that’s a small victory.  Bad homeschooling mommy!

That said, I think its ok when you have a few weeks where nothing’s happening. All other schools are closing now for summer recess and I’ll be pressing forward with our lessons so we can make up for some of this lost numeracy and literacy time I hope.

As we say in Naija, I’m trying ooo!

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