Children teach themselves in good time.

I don’t think children can teach themselves everything but homeschooling my 3 year old has taught me that I can’t teach him everything.  He is learning way too quickly for me to keep up. In fact he prompts me to teach him, by showing me what he is currently teaching himself.


Like this past week or two, I’ve noticed that he is teaching himself a sense of time and past present and future.  He wants to talk about something that happened in the past so he will say it happened yesterday.  ‘We saw Mickey Mouse, yesterday, Mummy,’ when in fact it happened some weeks back.  ‘Is daddy coming today, in the night.’ He’ll ask.   He will strive to locate the days of the week.  ‘Is it Monday, Mummy?’ ‘Are we going to playgroup today?’.  So he is just showing me, now is a good time to give him guidance on days of the week, temporal spacing and past, present and future tenses.  He is ready!

I think if he was going to school, I would have missed this.



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