Back in the saddle

It’s great to be back in Lagos after two months in the UK and USA visiting family.   It’s great to be able to travel during term time and not have that end of term cabin fever so many parents and pupils get.  I don’t know how I’ll feel when all my friends fly out of Lagos leaving us with just the thunderous downpours and flying saucer-sized cockroaches for company but perhaps I will appreciate the piece and quiet.


I’ve had the chance to do even more reading around homeschooling and look at things from a different perspective. I’m still committed to homeschooling but I also wanted to visit a few schools and see what my son’s missing out on. I don’t think you gain anything by being some kind of hell-bent zealot.

I’m now in the process of unpacking (my luggage is still arriving at the airport in dribs and drabs from BA’s malfunctioning baggage system) and rescheduling our homeschool for the year.


But more on that later – it’s good to be back in Las Giddi!

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