Boko Haram

Lagos is a bubble – I say this to put my homeschooling life there into some context amidst bombs going off in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja and a whole school of girls being kidnapped by terrorists.  The sun is still shining in Lagos. People are still going about their business, making money, throwing parties and going to the shopping mall.  It does seem unfathomable sometimes the extent to which the south feels totally divorced from what is going on in ‘the north’ (the majority of Nigeria).  The people are not totally divorced of course – people just this week marched in Lagos for the government to do more about the missing school girls. But it makes me think back to the IRA era in the UK when the IRA were blowing up political conferences and shopping malls and wondering if people in London were just as blithely going about their daily lives notwithstanding that Northern Ireland was a veritable battleground.  I suppose at the end of the day, what else is there to do?