Homeschool Londoninium

Apologies for not blogging of late. I’m in London (and soon New York and then London again). I’ve been having fun but am mostly knackered. In Lagos I have a nanny and a housekeeper/cook and a driver. In London I have two kids swinging from my neck 24 hours a day (hubby working abroad).

Before I had kids I had seen a kid bounce off the walls (literally throw herself against a wall and use the ‘bounce’ to propel her towards the opposing wall) but I’d never experienced a kid suddenly grab you in a neck lock and use your neck as a swinging post without warning.

London is awesome – especially during clement weather but it always makes me appreciate my Lagos lifestyle. When you have staff you can ensure a peaceful, consistent routine for your kids. When it’s all on you the first thing to go south is bedtime, then bath time, then meal times and before you know it you’re approaching the sort of feral existence you only see on documentaries about social work.

So we’ve done museums and parks and walks and relatives and children’s centres and soft plays and zoos and farms and various modes of transport but not much cuisinaire rods or French.

There’s really not much to say about homeschooling in London other than that in the land where the school system mirrors the class system closely – opting out of the school system is seen as very anti-social and given the side eye anti-social behaviour deserves.

The kids have enjoyed the mod cons of London living but miss ochre stew (way too labour intensive for me – even if I knew how to make it) and consistent high standard of care. Food for thought…

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