Fieldtrip Fridays #8 – work soft, play soft

We’ve been trying to find a beach for a field trip – nothing fancy, we’re not planning to swim, just collect seashells and enjoy the sounds of the sea and the feel of the sand. I want to make a sea-side sensory box – something a bit like this.  There are a lot of beaches in Lagos actually, the problem is safety.  I’ve already experienced how touts or ‘area boys’ (unemployed young men who consider the area their territory to harass and demand money from people) can ruin a nice afternoon out so I’m wary. I also don’t want to pay or take the risk of a boat ride until I get proper life jackets for the family.

This week we went to Dreamworld Africana which bills itself as a theme park for kids.


It is quite easy to get to off the Lekki Expressway and offers a range of fun things to do from amusement rides (it has a roller coaster) to indoor/outdoor play areas.  I’d been saying for some time that I really needed a soft play area – rainy season lasts from April to October and some weeks can be relentless rain and (almost) chilly so great to find a place to go at such times.

Mummy look at me now!

Mummy look at me now!

If I’m honest the main draw for me was the soft play rather than the rides (some of which were dodgy, double check the restraints – some seemed to have ‘melted’ in the sun and were useless. The  soft play was like any good soft play centre you might find in the UK. Perhaps a little small but definitely good active fun for little boys and girls.  It has an area for older kids and younger kids.  Just the place to hang out with other mums and have a natter.



And the best bit was the drive home…


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