Look who’s homeschooling too?

There isn’t an ‘official’ homeschooling community in Nigeria that I can see. My guess is the sparse infrastructure, lack of resources, insecurity etc make it difficult to homeschool. That said, some people must be trying if only cos the reasons listed above make good school fees very costly here.

But what about other homeschooling communities?

Ghana has a more active and linked-up homeschool community of mostly foreigners who may be there for humanitarian reasons or to rediscover their pan-African heritage who do not want to pay extortionate fees for the international schools there. I’ve already connected with a couple of homeschoolers there. They seem very organised.

South Africa appears to have a very longstanding and well organised homeschool movement, particularly in the Afrikaans community spurred on by distrust of the ANC government. HSLDA has a lot of links to online content about homeschooling here, just don’t expect to understand much unless you’re fluent in Afrikaans.

USA’s homeschooling community has been mooted to be around 2 million strong and growing quickly.  It is often looked on with scepticism by other Americans for its strong religious base but is now a diverse global industry selling curriculums, lesson plans, mommy blogs, unschooling books and homeschool consulting programs.  Where the USA goes, the UK follows about 10 years behind.

China surprised me.  From the little I’ve read,  I felt that their collectivist culture would be at odds with the idea of homeschool, however some parents are going it alone with a recent survey of 18,000 parents suggesting over 10% were already homeschooling with more looking favourably upon it either thinking they could do better than the traditional system or wanting a different type of education for their kids.

I have to say I laughed out loud when I saw the  Jamaican Prime Minister (and former education minister) had to defend pulling his sons out of school to homeschool them.  Hardly a vote of confidence for his own education system!

HLSDA has a lot of links for international homeschooling groups worldwide.  More info can probably be found there.

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