Fieldtrip Fridays #7 – back to the LCC

Today we headed back to the  Lekki Conservation centre with our new field trip buddies who hadn’t been.  I’d been in the process of making excuses about not going anywhere this week so it was good to actually be going somewhere and with company.

On our last trip we saw more tortoises. This time they were hiding but we saw some snake skin a python had intriguingly left for us on the boardwalk. This kids loved that and we also got to see two big Nile monitor lizards close up.

I want to come to this place more often. It’s very shaded so even when it’s hot you can still do outdoor activities. Slightly worryingly, the guide said Lagos State is planning to ‘enhance’ the facilities with a bbq area and bar. doesn’t sound like the most appropriate appendage to a nature reserve where you have to be very quiet if you want to see any animals. Oh and my son threw a huge tantrum because I wouldn’t let him climb the tree house, but other than that – good times!

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