Fieldtrip Fridays #6 – The Whispering Palms Resort, Badagry

So one thing I’m noticing through my field trips is just how nice people are to my kids.  Especially I guess cos we go in during working hours, they aren’t that busy and extra glad to get some new business. Perhaps being ‘not from around here’ also helps too, but it makes me think, instead of being just one kid  in a large class vying for one teacher’s attention how nice to have your view of adults shaped by kind attentive people  who are really pleased to see you and WANT to sit down next to you and high five you and explain things to you and ask you what you think and even carry you when you get tired or ratty and then go out of their way to accommodate your particular wishes and not tell you to be quiet or go sit down or wait.

This week’s field trip was to the Whispering Palms Resort  in Badagry, Lagos.  We stayed overnight as the road is under construction so although its supposed to take 40 minutes on an empty road it actually takes up to 3 hours off peak and if something capsizes it’s been known to take 8 hours.


The resort is kind of quirky.  It was built 20 years ago by some professor and sprawls along the Lagoon housing animals, african art and even has an art gallery, a heritage room, an indoor/outdoor gym, a swimming pool. miniature golf, paddle boats, hire bikes, a fish park, a sports field, tennis courts – you name it.  If you’re looking for a plush first world experience, let me tell you now –this ain’t no  Club Med.  For a start there’s no actual beach and parts of it are in need of a good clean or an update. Pretty nice for a field trip though.


Whispering palms has lots of native art and heritage

It was well worth staying overnight,  it was too hot to really enjoy the place until late afternoon and they don’t have the generator on until 4pm – although they kindly put it on earlier for us so we could have aircon.  In the evening the palms do whisper – its pretty atmospheric- and the resort felt very secure.

Our rooms were very clean, the beds big and comfortable, the food was ok.

The kids loved the animals; turtles, peacocks, crocodiles, donkeys, baboons, turkeys, cockerel, macaws and grey parrots and the animals seemed to really like us (except I think they were just really hungry and bored, kept in inadequate cages).   There were two children’s playgrounds and a bar that played upbeat music that they had a bop to.

IMG-20140313-00617IMG-20140314-00663 IMG-20140313-00644 IMG-20140313-00614IMG-20140313-00607

We went as a family on this trip as it was hubby’s birthday and his Lagosian friend came too who has lived in Lagos all his life and never heard of Whispering Palms.  It makes you wonder how many hidden gems there are here if you just ask around and take a chance.  I  set myself a 6 week 6 Fieldtrip challenge.  Its taken me 8 weeks but I’ve finished  kudos me!  I’m really chuffed to have made it and I want to keep going…watch this space!

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