Not much to see here…homeschool in progress


Apart from our recent field trip there isn’t much to report because, i’m just being honest – we haven’t done much lately. We’ve made all our appointments – actually we missed playgroup and I’m trying to do all the daily chores and practices (tennis, violin, piano, phonics, counting), ok and we celebrated pancake day today but I really haven’t been doing too much. And I’m feeling guilty – cos sometimes my kids have looked under occupied, although they do play together pretty well now which is great.

So I have had guilty – just put them in school woman if you’re not going to teach them anything! – thoughts.   But (its only a little but, sorry), it has given me a chance to notice that my son will occupy himself.  The TV is off or playing Little Pim – Learn Chinese on repeat. He will go in my homeschool supply cupboard and help himself to whatever cool and interesting looking thing is in there (like magnets etc) and he will start playing with it.  He found the box of ocean creatures I ordered, then the magnifying glass kit. He found the paper doilies and the box of bugs and the sandpaper and the rain gauge and then off he goes (once I’ve opened the box).

I said it was a small but!  Please don’t hold your breath for the thundering punchline.  I know it doesn’t make up for what we were supposed to be doing but I’m also interested in self-directed learning.   Is this something like self-directed learning or unschooling?  Not sure.

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