Fieldtrip Fridays #5 – Nike Art Gallery, Lekki


I set myself a 6 week challenge to get out and about in Lagos every Friday and I can’t believe I am at #5 already.  (Ok I missed a week – don’t tell anyone).  I even found a friend along the way who has also been homeschooling temporarily and she has brought her kids along and made the trips even more fun.

This week we visited Nike Art Gallery which is a very famous gallery in Lagos.


I had been planning to go for some time but hadn’t thought of taking the kids before.  Its a gorgeous place – the 4 storey building itself is a work of art and we learned so much about Nigerian cultural history during the visit, for example, the meanings behind the symbols traditionally used in Nigerian fabrics.



The owner Nike Okundayo is an iconic figure in Nigeria and beyond.  Meeting her as we left was a highlight. She gave the children bracelets and kisses – how awesome.

Chief Nike Davies Okundaye

Chief Nike Davies Okundaye

The children did not zone out as I thought they would but found the paintings and sculptures intriguing. They delighted in identifying some of the mixed media (like CDs) used in some of the works and also deciphering the sculptures.

Our guide was fabulous, bearing with our rambunctious kids and it was all free. Afterwards we went to a local cafe which offered clay painting to kids and the kids produced their own works of art.  A day of complete inspiration.


One thought on “Fieldtrip Fridays #5 – Nike Art Gallery, Lekki

  1. Hello

    Great to know you are enjoying your new exciting adventure of homeschooling.

    Our group is very active. We have about 45kids. Elementry, middle and highschool kids with a few preschoolers.

    We meet once a month and do a field trip to usually a factory of that sort so the kids can learn something while having fun.

    We usually meet to plan our whole years field trip. Also we all celebrate parties ect. Also we have play dates for the kids of same age. Sleep overs ect.

    We have swimming lessons by one of the parents every week.

    So you are more than welcome anytime to join us when your move this way. The majority of the people in the group are missionaries who are working here. As you maybe aware homeschooling is not well known by the typical ghanaian.

    Looking forward to meeting you one day.

    Also we have a facebook page


    With love

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