Just don’t mention homeschooling…

The first rule of homeschool is you don't talk about homeschool...

The first rule of homeschool is you don’t talk about homeschool…

I’ve survived 3 years in a very gossipy and incestuous city by keeping my mouth shut pretty much and letting others do the talking. Although clearly a lot of people, social circles are less fluid than you find in cities like London. People stick to their ‘class’ and therefore everyone ends up being quite homogenous knowing everyone. It can be claustrophobic, so it’s been very tentatively that I’ve been blogging, tweeting and talking about homeschooling.  Needless to say people find it very bizarre and tend to conclude there’s something wrong with me. Literally just left a dinner where a woman has been evangelising at me for an hour about school and how I just need to change my mindset and I’ll be fine with sending my kids to school.

Blogging has made me feel more positive about my choices and this emboldened me to foolishly start talking about it offline.  Big mistake. Huge.


I mean, this is a country that recently passed a law making homosexuality a crime punishable by ten years imprisonment.  Not that everyone supports such draconian laws but it shows Nigeria’s still a place where deviating from the perceived norm can be judged harshly.  In the same way, I can see now most people aren’t open to homeschooling yet and some will be quite vocal about that. One even said, no decent school here would accept my child on hearing they had been homeschooled.

So, I think I’m going to stop talking about homeschool. Do you talk about homeschool? What sort of reaction do you get?

4 thoughts on “Just don’t mention homeschooling…

  1. Ignorance about homeschooling is rampant. My wife largely tries to avoid discussing it with people. However, as I do enjoy an argument, if it comes up and it is a person like you described I have no issue at all about tearing up their opinions by giving them the facts about how much better homeschooled kids do – however, I am prepared to burn bridges, even though we are also in a small expat community – my wife is not and I also get that.

  2. My mother homeschooled my brother and I until we asked to go to public school. Now, I wish I had stayed in homeschool. I believe I would have gotten a better education. My younger sister was homeschooled from start to finish. She’s not a top chef in a high-end restaurant.

    She got endless amounts of ‘advice’ on whether or not her kids should be homeschooled. It bothered her sometimes and she would tell the person off but main she didn’t let it bother her because she knew the decisions she was making was right for each of her children.

    Every last one of my friends who have a child school-age, homeschools them. There are roughly 8 of them, I’ve never actually counted. I also have a cousin who’s two children thrived in public school. Each child has different needs. Each parent’s heart tells them what’s right and wrong for their child.

    If it’s so important to homeschool your children, don’t allow anyone else to make you feel otherwise. You are their mother and you know what is best for them. If the time comes you want them to go to public school – You’ll know it’s right. If the time never comes – You’ll know that’s right, too.

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