Fieldtrip Fridays #4 Horsesome Day at Ikeja Saddle Club!

The thing I like about Field Trip Fridays is they don’t have to be anything.  No boxes to tick,  no lesson plan to follow, no prep and no need to work in phonics or pre-math (unless you feel like it).  We’ve done all that. Now a day to just be and see, spray mosquito repellant and let it all wash over you – I make the best natural mosquito repellent by the way 😉

Today we visited the Ikeja Saddle Club.  They have a nice website but still fly slightly below the radar here in Lagos, like most attractions.  I was even advised, why bother – there’s a Polo club in the centre of Lagos.  There is, I’ve been there many times – played squash there a while.  It’s in a bad state, houses mostly prized race horses and is just not generally very kid friendly although I’m sure its not a bad place to go.

The Ikeja Club also houses some prized polo horses but bills itself as a place to learn to horse ride and enjoy riding.  It’s on Isheri road just before the Ogun State border – about 30 minutes from central Lagos (Victoria Island) with low traffic.
We got there about midday when the horses were feeding which was good because they were all in their pens eating grass and we could observe them at our leisure but it meant the kids couldn’t sit on any of them – which of course they really wanted to!
yeah - I need a new camera phone

yeah – I need a new camera phone

Some of these horses have very exotic names. Indosita, Killa, Jopila to name but a few. I’d love to know the stories behind them. Nigeria has its own horses, but most of these were from Argentina apparently.  The grounds are quite large, certainly more than we could cover and there were some antelope and ducks roaming around as well as birds and the default lizard.   A lot of different trees and bushes.  Why is it when I ask the name of a tree I’m always told its a fruit tree?  Answers on a postcard please!
The staff were very friendly and patient. Kudos to those guys – we’ll definitely go back there for some riding lessons.  If you live in Lagos, I highly recommend heading down there too!

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