School vs Homeschool

After homeschooling almost a year, I still weigh up school vs homeschool.    I have moments when I question whether school might be better for my three year old.   When I hear of sports days, school events and activities I do get a bit envious of school. Me and my son got the opportunity to go to a local school and see our neighbour’s girls dance in celebration of Nigerian Independence. They were so cute and they had a ball!  How do I recreate that with my party of 2?

What a great celebration of culture!

A fantastic school celebration of culture!

And I’ve just noticed school mums have nights out together – it’s like the unwritten part of the curriculum!  Plus I get all that free time back during school hours to go to work or whatever and the pressure’s off. If my kid starts falling behind it’s not my fault, it’s the damn  [insert insult] teacher’s fault, not mine. I was getting a manicure!


Teachers stress me out so much I need a spa day!

But then, when I do actually go to these schools, I’m often underwhelmed.  The kids are often looking bored, slumped on desks, wandering the corridors aimlessly.  You can hear them rote learning behind closed doors, stuck in classrooms that just look so stone age-y. Big wooden desks taking up all the space.  Really, like is that where we are in 2014?  3 and 4 year olds slumped on too-big wooden desks in poorly air conditioned rooms? No wonder they’re slumped!  Some schools are fab of course! Hope you don’t think I’m downing schools or the many fantastic teachers and the great work they do!

For an older child maybe - not a preschooler

For an older child maybe – not a preschooler

Being at home  learning through play is a better option for my son presently even if he was not learning quite as much as they are at the school.  At least he’s happy, confident, alert and well cared for.

That for me is the bottom line right now. I’m working on the academics too. I’ll share our schedule in my subsequent post – it’s still a work in progress but I need good reasons to send my son to school at right now the reasons are just ok, which isn’t enough.

One thought on “School vs Homeschool

  1. I think we all question our choice at times but know in your heart you have made the decision that is right for your child right now…and know that if that changes you will be okay with that decision too. It is hard to provide it all so we do the best we can and it is great that you are taking in community opportunities. I found the homeschooling community to be the greatest gift in this journey.Great blog.

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