What to do with the 1yo when I’m with the 3yo

It’s something which bothers me and which I’ve not really found conclusive answers to on other homeschooling blogs.

Photo on 31-12-2013 at 19.00 #8

The 1yo is still eating anything he finds on the floor from shoes to crayons. He is majorly destructive in that he’ll just hurl everything to the floor and rip it to shreds kind of way.  He is going through an attack-for-attention phase regarding his older brother who he will bite, smack, pinch and yell at in a vain attempt to get him to play with him.  All of these things make it difficult to do craft, teach phonics etc.

The other snag is that if I do a nice interesting sensory bin for the 1yo – this happens…


What I have been doing so far is leaving the 1yo with the nanny while I do the activity.  More on nannies later – incredibly lucky to have a nanny, but my nanny is not really a trained child care giver in the Norland nannies sense – her English is very poor and she doesn’t know about sensory play etc so I don’t like the idea of the 1yo spending too much time with her as he tends to be just sitting in the high chair while she cleans up, not being spoken to.    I’d like him to be in the room with us doing his own thing alongside us but how to make it alongside, not on top of, whomping the 3yo upside the head etc.

The only possible solution I can think of  is to have the 1yo in the high chair in the room with us while we work  using sensory play stuff like play dough, sensory bottles, toys,  colour wheels and making  a good old mess.

Photo on 18-02-2014 at 01.17

2 thoughts on “What to do with the 1yo when I’m with the 3yo

  1. It sure seems like your little guy is active. Perhaps some PE before you get starting with sit down activities would help tire him out? It might also help to change out his activities every day of the week; this way he does not get bored.

    Just a thought… I pray you find the right solution to fit your family’s needs. 🙂

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