What’s your Lagos?

So there’s a Filipino woman living in Lagos who likes to post pictures of Nigerians doing awful things (like shitting in the street) on her Facebook page and then adding captions like ‘These people are disgusting!’ or ‘See these savages’ etc.  I get mad when I think about her insensitivity and the wild generalisations (I mean there are over 20 million Lagosians besides the ones she is photographing) but then I sort of sigh and think, well maybe that’s her Lagos.  That’s the Lagos she likes to see and post pictures of and talk about. Good luck to her! That’s also what makes Lagos a great city, its so diverse, you can create your mini-Lagos around you with the ‘right’ people and culture etc.  I’ve inhabited several different Lagoses since I moved here three years ago, as editor of a women’s magazine, as part of an Ijaw family and now as a homeschooling mum – and I’m still looking for ‘my’ Lagos lol!  What’s your Lagos?

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