Things ain’t nobody got time for…

Since becoming a homeschooling mum I’ve discovered a really long list of stuff I ain’t got time for! Thought I’d share a few of them with you – don’t laugh.  Don’t ask how I ever had time for some of these things.

Working 9 to 5

so there's this after work event. Kiss the boys for me.

so there’s this after work event. Kiss the boys for me.

This was the first thing I really didn’t have time for. Luckily I had the choice to give up my job as a magazine editor. I really enjoyed the job but after having my second son it got to be too stressful trying to manage things at home while at work. I took time out and realised I wanted to be with my boys.  And a homeschooler was born…  I may return to some kind of  work at some point though.  Watch this space!



but let me just look at these new pics posted by someone I last saw aged 6

Cos Facebook is like the black hole into which your whole day disappears as you move from one friend’s fantastic birthday pics to your mums support group, to that really interesting article someone shared, to liking someone’s new volunteering page to – let me not even get started on that candy crush/diamond thing.

3 strand twists, micro twists, braids, manicures etc

so I really ain't got time for this

so I really ain’t got time for this

Special occasions aside, I don’t have time for all these twists, threading, braids etc. I barely have time to wash my hair right now and while I love natural hair and I like to look pretty I’m restricted to something I can do in five minutes.  

Girl chats


Remember before we had kids when we talked ALL the time…I ain’t got time for that now

Girlfriends are so great – love love love my girls but of course their kids are in school so guess when they want to have coffee mornings and heart to hearts at the back of the pilates class?  – yup when I’m ‘sposed to be homeschooling, that’s when.  As soon as the morning school bell dings, my phone lights up like a Christmas tree.  Sorry ladies.  I’m a homeschooling mum, my phone is on silent. I promise to answer your bbms and whatsapps when I have time for that. I still don’t know when that is.

Anything Kim K related


Some people have all the time…

Can I be a famous, gorgeous reality star with an entourage of yes men and be paid private jet money for shopping and dating?  No?  Ok well let me just get on with this homeschooling then and no I don’t have time to watch reality show re-runs during the day.    In fact I’ve disconnected the cable as my son was getting too much TV time himself.

Maybe my personality is too addictive, maybe its cos I’m new to homeschooling and just need to put my house in order first but finding I’m really having to prioritise to follow my homeschool schedule.  What have you given up in order to homeschool?

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