Field Trip Fridays #3 – National Museum

Soooo this trip nearly didn’t happen as I nearly succumbed to my excuses today.  No driver, too much to do, looked like rain, terrible traffic, tired kids etc  but  somehow we made it to the National Museum.


This was a little bit of a cop-out as it’s just down the road (even with terrible traffic) and therefore is kind of a default option.  They don’t allow photos inside so apologies for the lack of pics.

The Museum has a  main block which houses photos and relics of old Lagos.  There’s a stuffed lion, some carved stones representing ancestors and festivals etc.  Then they have their particular exhibits which can change.  I remember visiting a wonderful exhibition of the history of fashion in Nigeria which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Today they had an exhibition of life cycles as represented by traditional custom and spirituality.  So the traditional way of preparing for child birth followed by coming of age, adulthood, passing etc.  It was quite interesting and a good overall introduction to the three year old of the traditional and spiritual aesthetic.  Of course he could not understand but I do want him to be familiarised with these images and appreciate the deeper cultural messages associated.  He really liked the lion too!

There was an exhibition on concerning Nigeria’s governments. The main display was the  sinister bullet-hole ridden Mercedes belonging to General Murtala Muhammed, former military ruler of Nigeria.  The three year old did point out the car was a bit smashed up.  There were lots of photos of Nigeria’s various military rulers.  It was a bit above both our heads  but we all appreciated the visit.


Box ticked.  I will try to be a bit more inspired next week!

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