Homeschooling hopes/fears

I really don’t want to mess my child up and I worry that’s exactly what I’m doing. I’ve always been a bit eccentric, even when I was a straightened hair size 8 dolly bird tottering along in a mini skirt. Even though I’ve by now read a TON of books and blogs by well respected writers on the benefits of homeschool, my insecurities still kick in that when my sons reach adulthood they won’t be fit for purpose. A few things comfort me in this regards. Firstly, c’est la vie. A lot of kids who go through normal school emerge unfit for purpose. I know people who have had over 100,000 sterling pounds dropped on their education and are totally unfit for purpose. Never mind the statistics about black boys failing in schools all over the Western world. That’s another kettle of fish I’ll dip into another time. In Nigeria, I think the environment is slightly better – parents value education here and most students tend to have a strong work ethic and strong maths. If you attend one of the better schools your English will be excellent and you’ll do well in an international university. But guess what – plenty of them fail too. Nigeria has a lost generation of pampered young adults raised by nannies, spoonfed their education who have zero creativity and no real wish to do anything for their country or indeed themselves. There’s a saying here 40 is the new 25 (that age where you pull your finger out). So again, either way there are no guaranteees. At least I’ll have spent some beautiful years with my sons, enjoying them. Secondly, at this stage I don’t need to worry. Even if he ends up a bit behind he has time to catch up and so long as he isn’t thrust into a school environment – no need to feel inadequate or negative about what he knows or doesn’t know. It just is… Thirdly, I just don’t see the worst coming to pass if we carry on as we are doing. But who knows what’s round the corner….

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