Fieldtrip Fridays #2 – a day at the nature reserve

Today we got to go to the Lekki Conservation Centre in Lagos which is a lovely nature reserve with animals living naturally in the wild.  They have monkeys large and small, turtles, antelope, rabbits, peacocks, butterflies, birds, large lizards and some of the scarier stuff like snakes and crocodiles.

The LCC is 23 years old and has so far no one's been eaten!

The LCC is 23 years old and has so far no one’s been eaten!

LCC is about half an hour’s drive from central VI just off the Lekki Expressway without traffic and painless to find.  It was an amazing afternoon and I’m really glad we made the effort.

Founded by the late Chief S.L. Edu in 1990

Founded by the late Chief S.L. Edu in 1990

Insert usual caveats here about inadequate infrastructure (health and safety  isn’t going to be the same as more developed countries and we weren’t offered a guide or information about the place) but the staff that we saw were friendly and informative and there were signs. Its a straightforward enough reserve to DIY.  This centre is still a great family day out as long as you take care and the children you’re taking are steady on their feet and willing to hold your hand (and walk – if you cover the whole reserve you’re going to walk 4-7 kilometres).

Mummy I found one!

Mummy I found one!

We started outside with the peacocks and the turtles. Peacocks have a surprisingly loud honk and are not shy!

Did you see me in Kung Fu Panda 2?

Did you see me in Kung Fu Panda 2?

The grounds are pretty and well-maintained.  There’s a functional library and bookshop (both quite sparsely  supplied). Adequate facilities and its all reasonably clean.  We then entered the reserve, which is accessed by a wooden boardwalk.   Some of the boards are a worn and occasionally a board is missing so take care.


It was just peachy to be out among nature even though we’d just come off a busy road and honestly its like you just stepped into a forest.  I can’t describe how amazing it is so please do check the photos.  You feel totally cut off from the real world (except for the boardwalk). The sounds of birds and bugs and monkeys are all around you.   We didn’t see any  snakes or crocodiles although Ru-bear was really looking out.  Personally I was glad!  The monkeys were thrilling enough.  There’s a very high tree house you can climb and a children’s playground.    I will definitely  be coming back here for future field trips!

can you see the crocodiles? No we couldn't either

can you see the crocodiles? No we couldn’t either

IMG_1510 IMG_1526 IMG_1544 IMG_1560

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