Reasons to love Lagos

After my last blog I became a little conscious of being negative. I don’t think anyone can successfully homeschool out of negativity. My favourite homeschool bloggers are so inspired and confident and positive about their abilities.  Their infectious, determined spirits are what really push me to do this thing ‘normal’ parents think is very strange.  If you’re wondering what is great about growing up in Lagos here are some of my reasons.

IMG_1410  Can you believe I’m standing on the edge of a very busy metropolis looking out towards an uninhabited island? To my left is the Atlantic.  Views like this are abundant in Lagos as it is a water city.

2. Lagos is a very diverse city.  Nigeria is a very important country economically in Africa and beyond. In spite of its problems it attracts people from all over the world.   There’s a growing Indian and Chinese community in Lagos.  History has always brought waves of immigrants in search of a better life from Liberia, Ghana and elsewhere as well as an expatriate business community keen to take advantage of the plethora of opportunities here.

3. The weather.  Its usually very warm, often sunny and this makes it a good place to rise early and retire late.  Although the AC is great,  this is for most of the year a place where kids love to be outdoors.


4. Lagosians.  Nigerians are very child friendly and men here are on the whole comfortable relating to children and showing their emotions. This is my experience anyway.  Grown men will always stop to pinch my babies’ arms or chatter to them.  In London, my son tapped a man on the shoulder on the tube and the poor guy looked terrified.

IMG_0017Scene from Calabar festival 2013 (I know its not in Lagos but hey!)

5.  It’s only in Lagos that I get to homeschool my kids because the opportunities mean I can choose to work or not.  I worked for over two years when I arrived here part time but I recently stopped when I had my second child.  Now I’m thinking of doing some freelance work when I have time.

6. Last but not least. African heritage.  I love that my kids can grow up in Nigeria celebrating their Nigerian heritage, understanding African history, learning about the culture and getting to know their family here. I hope this will help make them confident and centred when they go out into the world.

Ru-bear representing for South-South with his hat and cane

Ru-bear representing for South-South with his hat and cane

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