We are Nigerian British Jamaican American

IMG_0004_2 Hey there, here we are, about to embark on our homeschooling adventure.  That’s me, Vanessa, my husband Suaye and our sons Kio who has just turned one and Ru who is three and change.   Ru was in nursery from the age of two and a half – he loved it.  But I was travelling so much it didn’t make sense after a while – hence the homeschooling.  Since June 2013 he has been at home with me and Kio and we have been doing activities inspired by so many homeschooling blogs.  Mahogany Homemaker on Youtube, icanteachmychild and so many more.  It’s been up and down – very challenging with the constant travel (mostly London and Lagos) so we have spent a lot of time doing field trips.  But I’m persevering. Keep posted to follow us on this journey and catch my homeschooling thoughts! Appreciate all your comments too.

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